Delaware Orange 2022 sans soufre ajouté TAKIZAWA WINERY


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Japan Hokkaido

Grape variety: Delaware

Sulfite-free orange wine made with Delaware grapes from Yoichi, Hokkaido. By fermenting the peel and juice together, we have created a unique wine with a deep orange color, a sweet scent like tortoiseshell candy, a plump fruit flavor and just the right amount of tannin.

A sulfurous acid-free orange wine made with Delaware grapes from Yoichi, Hokkaido. The grapes were carefully sorted, then the destemmed and crushed skins and juice were soaked together and fermented for about 5 days to extract the flavor and color . It was then pressed and then subjected to a primary fermentation with wild yeasts as well as a natural malolactic fermentation. Aged in stainless steel tanks for about 7 months while leaving fine sediments . The appearance is a deep orange color. The scent of Delaware fruit is strong, and you can feel the complex scent of tortoiseshell candy and spices. The addition of elements derived from the skin of the fruit gives the taste a rich fruit flavor and moderate tannins, giving it a moderate body. The sweet aroma and faint bitterness linger on the finish, making this a very unique wine. You can enjoy it immediately after its release, but I think it will open up even more if you let it sit for about a year. No sulfites are added from brewing to bottling. Please store in a cool and dark place below 16 degrees.

amount produced: 2556 bottles

Manufacturing process

After careful sorting, the grapes are mechanically destemmed and crushed for maceration. After about five days of maceration, the grapes are first fermented with 100 % wild yeast in press stainless steel tanks and MLF with 100 % wild lactic acid bacteria . After 7 months of contact with the lees, it is racked and bottled . Unfined, unfiltered

Amount of sulfite added