Taiyo no Natural Cola (320ml/small bottle)


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[What a filling! ]
A small bottle-sized craft cola syrup that makes a great gift!
Contains Odawara mountain peaches, green tangerines, and Izu sweet summer.

A nostalgic and new energy drink that pleases the body!
We have created a healthy drink that will make you feel energetic, using plenty of delicious and nutritious ingredients such as carefully selected herbs and domestic cane sugar.

No coloring used.
Spices and herbs are simmered in Chichibu water to bring out the original colors of the ingredients.

In addition, no preservatives are added, and it is finished with a luxurious use of natural lemon juice (straight).
We try not to use chemical fragrances as much as possible, so anyone can enjoy it with confidence.

▶What is Taiyo no Natural Cola?
A craft cola made with traditional Asian spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, etc.), plus Aizu's Asian carrots and guarana. Gentle taste of domestic cane sugar that grandpa, grandma, and children can drink safely and deliciously.

Recommended when you want to increase your concentration or when you want to charge your power.

▶Basic way of drinking
4-fold dilution.

▶Recommended solid taste recipe
Pour syrup 1:soda 2 into a glass with ice and mix about 7 times so that the heavy syrup swims gently from the bottom of the glass.

▶Cola ingredients, nutrition, and ingredients
Raw sugar (domestic), lemon juice, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, guarana, star anise, red pepper, cola nuts, ginseng, kuromoji/fragrance

Sweetness is brought out only with domestic cane sugar, which contains plenty of minerals. Cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, and chili peppers, all of which have their roots in Asia, are lavishly used whole. Lemon juice with plenty of vitamin C to relieve fatigue is sticking to straight lemon juice with good flavor, and lemon flavoring is also organic and chemical free.

・Pan ginseng
Domestic version of ginseng! It is a so-called "medicinal ginseng", and cultivation began in Japan in the Edo period in the three domains of Aizu, Shinano, and Matsue.
This time, we used panax ginseng from Mr. Shimizu, who is working on cultivating panax ginseng and revitalizing it as a production area amid the serious shortage of successors in Aizu!
A revitalizing upper and boost medicinal herb perfect for when you feel too tired to do anything, or when you just want to warm up.

Kuromoji leaves are characterized by a very refreshing and gorgeous scent. A precious relaxing medicinal herb harvested by grandpa and grandma who are masters of picking edible wild plants in the mountains of Akita where clear streams flow with deep greenery.