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Japan Tochigi

Grape variety: Petit Manseng 97%, Chardonnay 3%

The color is deep golden. The scent is complex with apricots, pineapple, yellow peach, honey, creme brulee, toast, walnuts, and ginger. The sweetness of the ripe fruit blends with the acidity that tightens the whole, and the aftertaste is slightly fragrant and astringent.

Compatibility with food: Raw oysters, marinated smoked salmon, pumpkin and cream cheese dip, stir-fried bean sprouts with fish sauce, eggs benedict, garlic shrimp, flounder vapour, tilefish cristian, chicken fillet tempura, chicken sautéed pernod sauce, custard pudding, chevre cheese
Best time to drink: 2022-2027 will continue with fresh fruit flavors. From 2028, we can expect the fruit aroma to settle down due to aging, and the taste and concentration to increase, improving the taste.

"2019 Yama Cantata" is a wine with a connection to the mountains, made from grapes from skilled contracted farmers in Kamiyama, Yamagata Prefecture and Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture, at the mountain brewery in Ashikaga.
In 2006, Petit Manseng was planted for the first time in the vineyards of Cocoromi Gakuen from the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains in southwestern France. I'm here. We hesitated when we decided to ask a contracted farmer to cultivate this Petit Manseng. Both Kaminoyama and Takayama Village are excellent producers of traditional wine grapes such as Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. This is because if Petit Manseng is planted there and it does not go well, it will be a risky challenge for contract growers.
Petit Manseng was first planted in Kaminoyama in 2008 in Mr. Ogata's field. Petit Manseng was first planted in Takayama Village in 2017 in Mr. Sato's field. Since then, Petit Manseng has been carefully nurtured by the frontier spirits of contracted farmers in Minamikaren and other places, and has taken root in the ideal climate and climate for wine grapes, where there is a steady temperature difference between day and night. .
"Mountain Cantata" is made by transporting fully ripe grapes to the brewery in Ashikaga, gently pressing the grapes together with the bunches, placing them in tanks, and fermenting with wild yeasts at temperatures below 20°C to preserve the aroma of the grapes. . Fermentation continued slowly for about 13 months after a dormant winter for the yeast. As a result of watching the fermentation by wild yeast leisurely, it became a white wine with rich acidity and a long aftertaste.
It's a white wine that sounds like a pleasant chorus. I am truly grateful to all of our contracted farmers who walk with us step by step.

Technical Data Field: Kamiyama Nankaren, Yamagata Prefecture Sato Field, Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture Harvest: 2019/10/07, 20, 28
Sugar content at harvest (average) about 25.3°Brix
Harvesting method: Hand-picked Fermentation: Gently press the grapes into the tank and ferment with wild yeasts at 20°C or less to retain the aroma of the grapes. Fermentation continues slowly for about 13 months after the winter when the yeast is dormant. Aging: About 90% is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks and about 10% in wooden barrels. Bottled: Bottled unfined and unfiltered after racking. Bottling date: 2021/02/05 Quantity: 4,942 bottles (750ml)
Alcohol: 14.4 % Acidity: 7.8 g/L. Residual sugar: 3 g/L.