Asti Spumante "La Selvatica Half La Caudrina


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Italy Piedmont

Grape variety: Moscato Bianco

A field planted in 1975. After harvesting, the grapes are allowed to rest for a day at low temperatures before being passed through a diatomaceous earth filter to remove solids and bacteria before starting fermentation in the autoclave. When the alcohol reaches 7.5%, cool it to 5 degrees to stop fermentation, filter it to remove the yeast, and bottle it. Gas pressure is 5.7 bar.

The Real Moscato Dusty Is "Pure"

"La Caudolina" is said to be the most exemplary maker of the slightly sparkling sweet wine "Moscato d'Austi", which is rare in the world. The characteristic aroma of peach and the refreshing sweetness and sourness derived from grapes keep you from getting tired of drinking.