Barolo - Ravera di Monforte 2018 Principiano Ferdinando


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Italy Piedmont

Grape variety: Nebbiolo

Every Nebbiolo is a clone Mike. Many were planted in the 1960s, but some were planted in 1934. Due to the age of the vines, the yield is particularly low, and the slope is the steepest in the area, and the drainage is good.

The Principiano family owns the vineyard that produces the long-deified Barolo Monfortino, the great cru Boscalet at 350m above sea level facing south-west facing Francia. Lange's history as a grower dates back to the early 1900s, and around the 1980s it supplied grapes to Altare and Scavino. In the 1990s, Ferdinand worked on modern Barolo with rotating tanks, but since 2002, he has returned to traditional Barolo production centered on long-term immersion for up to three months and aging in large barrels. At the same time, started biologic cultivation. Bordeaux liquid and sulfur are no longer used in major vineyards. Barolo Boscalate, which is a top cru and has an average age of over 40 years, keeps the yield to about 1/3 of the upper limit of the DOCG method. Like the traditional style, each cuvée has a slightly diluted color tone, but the deep shadows and elegant and relaxed flavor are attractive. In particular, Barolo's two advanced cuvees have a velvety texture, a bewitching aroma, and a long aftertaste, and are full of magic that is as good as the Barolo masterpieces shown by the traditional masters of the past. Thoughtful Ferdinand realizes and maintains the introduction of basic doucets and reasonable prices from the perspective of long-term market development.

Varietal: 100% Nebbiolo
Age: 1960s, including those planted in 1934 Location: 350m above sea level, facing southwest Soil: Sandy clay limestone
1 month maceration in stainless steel tanks 24 months aging in oak barrels