BEEF HUMBURGER STEAK Nihonkai Bokujo no Genkotsu Burger tangobar


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A hamburg steak made with plenty of meat from cows raised freely in an environment full of nature.
In addition to the umami of beef and the sweetness of onions, we use our own black garlic and local sake lees to create a soft and delicious hamburg steak. The size of a fist-sized hamburger is a canned food with a surprising volume when served on a plate. The meat, which can be easily loosened with chopsticks, can also be enjoyed over rice.

Agricultural Cooperative Corporation Nihonkai Ranch (Amino, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture)

●Raw material name:
Onion (domestic), beef, beef bone soup, demi-glace sauce, egg, milk, bread crumbs, black garlic, stew, red wine, sugar, sake lees, salt, butter, black pepper/caramel pigment, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), thickener (modified starch), acidulant, flavoring, emulsifier, spice extract (partially contains beef, wheat, soybeans, eggs, chicken, milk ingredients, banana, pork, apple)
●Contents: 190g
Nutritional information (per can): Calories 331kcal, protein 15.2g, fat 23.2g, carbohydrates 15.4g, salt equivalent 1.14g (estimate)