Sylvaner Bergweingarten 2017 Pierre Frick


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France Alsace

Grape variety: Sylvaner

A delicate and deep wine with a slight sweetness of apples and white peaches that transforms into a dry, slightly spiced flavor over time.
Pierre Frick
Pierre Frick
A pioneer of Alsatian organic farming, starting biologic in 1970 and biodynamic in 1981. The head of the family, Jean Pierre, is the 12th generation of the grape farmer. Years of sincere biodynamic cultivation have given vitality to the vines, which are strong and strong, and in recent years the use of Bordeaux juice has been greatly reduced. Some of our 12ha fields are also rich in ichthyophore limestone from the same Jurassic Dogger period as Burgundy (including Batonian and Bajocian periods). At the time of vinification, all white varieties are pressed in whole bunches and aged in 30hl foudres (large barrels) that have been used for over 100 years. Has not been supplemented since 1988. Multiple sulfite-free cuvées reveal a tactile texture with a three-dimensional texture. The creed is "The vine is a bridge between heaven and earth. The essence of wine is aesthetic, and it occupies a field of art. Wine is imprinted with love and awe of nature." It should be done.”