Brut Nature - Les Saints Rémys Grand Cru 2016 Marguet


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french champagne

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

The Liu Di series is a single field located on the hill of Ambonnay, the home of Champagne Marguet. Les Saints Remy is located on the hillside of Ambonnay. Ambonnay has many soils that are suitable for Chardonnay, but the soil is thick and clayey, and can bring out the fruit flavor of red varieties.

About Champagne Marguet

In addition to "La Grande Ruel", a section of Ambonnay that has been evaluated as exceptional since the Napoleonic era, he owns fields in five Grand Cru villages and has been selling grapes to Krug for many years. Benoît Marguet, the 5th generation owner, started biodynamic farming in 2009 and horse farming in 2010. I learned a lot from Hervé Jestin's support and collaboration, and Sapiens is the result. He also seeks advice from the soil scientist Claude Bourguignon, but "prioritizes his own intuition derived from observations of his own vineyards and dialogue with the vineyards and nature." Therefore, it is the daring decisions made based on the sensibilities and unique insight of a natural person that sometimes disobey Bourguignon's advice and leave great results. (Actually, Benoit says, ``When I was a child, I often heard the voices of stones and trees in my family's fields and forests, and my sensibilities haven't changed that much to this day.'') Zero dosage in all cuvées. The amount of sulfite to be added should also be specified on the back label, and the amount should be no more than 30mg/l. One of the top cuvées, 'Sapiens', and the recently introduced range of champagnes for each cru are also rapidly gaining recognition around the world.