Brut Reserve 2017 Leclerc Briant


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french champagne

Grape varieties: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

The culmination of "Herve Jestin"

Herve Jestin quit the consulting business and became the owner and brewer himself, establishing a brewery that makes use of his experience. It has "strength", "complexity" and "purity" that can only be made by Hervé.

Hautvillers, Cramant, Montgueux, Avenay reserve wines are very small. Fermented and aged in 80% stainless steel and 20% wooden barrels. We aim for fresh, pure fruit and a lively taste. A cuvée where you can taste the latest ideas of Hervé, who challenges new things every year. Dosage 4g/L with sun harmonized cane sucrose.

best champagne winemaker

Hervé Jestin

Odds, bigots, idealists... All the rumors of Hervé Jestin are similar. Hervé's unique commitment and phrases that are not understood in general zymology and cultivation studies are difficult for makers and drinkers who believe in "traditional" brewing backed by chemistry and zymology. Herve's father ran a negochan, so Elve experienced wine from the age of 7 and naturally went to brewing school. In 1982, when he was in his twenties , he became the head brewer of Duval Leroy. It took 25 years to push it up to one of the top maisons . After that, he gained popularity as a consultant for RM producers, but joined Leclerc Briand as one of the owners as a general manager of Champagne brewing. At the end of his life as a brewer, he started making ideal champagne.