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Grape variety: Chardonnay

An east-facing section close to the Cote de Leche, a first-class field. Contains a lot of lime. Fermented only in stainless steel tanks until early November. No batonage. Aromas of melon and mandarin orange. The palate is fresh and mineral-rich, with a smooth attack and a finish that leaves bittersweet and citrus nuances.

Genius of white wine "Jean-Marie Guffin"

A Chardonnay expert who gets the highest rating every year in France's two most popular magazines. The Negothian section, which makes use of its genius wine making, is also highly rated. A typical Macon that seems to stop by for a meal.

3-star RVF magazine, 5-star Betanne magazine

"It's always a wonderful moment to taste the wines of this unconventional winemaker."

Le guide des meilleurs vins de France2015 "Domaine Gyufan Henin" has the highest rating of 3 stars in RVF. It has also received the highest rating of 5 stars in "Béttane de Sauve".

“In Burgundy, only 11 restaurants, including Romanée-Conti and Rousseau, have a five-star rating. White wine magician

The head of the family, Jean-Marie Gufan, is a Belgian who moved to Burgundy with his wife in the 1970s. He was in an environment that had nothing to do with wine making, but he quickly became one of the top producers. Everyone calls him a "genius". Even during the tasting, he judges the wine with his senses, like an artist. Unique expression. Express the power of wine.

"At Verger, we always choose good grapes ourselves to bring out the expression of the field. It's a fun job. Gyufan Hénin confirms and enhances the potential of his grapes every year.”

Release 60 different cuvees every year

Since 1980, he has been working on "Maison Verger", a negociant department.

“I started Négociant because I wanted to find new possibilities for Chardonnay outside of Macon. I get excited when I meet various Chardonnays.”

While exchanging information with grape growers and producers such as "Chablis", "Côte d'Or" and "Macon", we decide the purchase area for the year.

“We can also obtain grapes from producers that surprise everyone. I keep buying it every year

The aging barrels were marked with the names and plots of various well-known producers. "Julien" is the brewer of "Verger" and the right hand of "Jean-Marie Gufan" has been working for over 10 years. He goes to all the fields and knows the soil and sunshine conditions. He also leads a cultivation team, and in some fields he also cultivates them himself. Brewing is almost the same as "Gyufan Henin". Gentle pressing, with an emphasis on free-running juice, the pressed juice is completely separated.

“Free-run fruit juice with low pH is fermented and aged in barrels as an advanced cuvée. Press juice is brewed in concrete tanks and stainless steel tanks as the name of the village.”

Fermentation is wild yeast only. Fresh white wines should also start cold and ferment as slowly as possible.

“In some years, alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation are carried out at the same time. It is unthinkable by common sense, but this makes the wine lighter. It fits Verger's personality.”

Generally, from a brewing point of view, it is dangerous to proceed with two fermentations at the same time and should be avoided. However, it is considered favorably for them as they can achieve a well-balanced finish without adding weight to the fruit.

"You can't make the best wine without the best grapes. If we don't get the best grapes, we don't make the cuvée of that parcel. Let's downgrade

That's why the cuvées released at "Verge" are different every year.

“We make about 60 cuvees. It may feel like a lot, but for me, it's only 60.”

Verge de Sud

“Wine is a product of nature. So it's always changing. Both producers and drinkers should change. If you're looking for something that doesn't change, it's better not to have wine."

About 10 years after launching "Verger", their next challenge was to make wine in "Luveron" in southern France. Purchased a domaine at an altitude of 420m or more, and "Jean-Marie Gufan" moved here.

“The simplicity of southern France is due to the short ripening period. This high altitude area is in the south of France, but the grapes ripen slowly.”

At the time of purchase, many unsuitable varieties were planted, so large-scale replanting was carried out. Seven varieties are planted, including Grenache and Chardonnay. Southern French wine is also brewed in the same way as Gyufan Henin and Verger. ■ (Domaine) Gyufan Henin Macon's own field only.

■ (Negociant) Verger Bourgogne grapes.

■ (Domaine) Gyufan au Sud Only our own grapes from Luveron in southern France.

■(Negocian) Verger de Sud Purchased grapes from Luveron in southern France.