Cheverny Blanc - Domaine 2021 Hervé Villemade


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Loire France

Grape varieties: 70% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Chardonnay

Silex-rich soil, characterized by the fruit and aroma of Sauvignon Blanc and the vertical minerality of Chardonnay.

Hervé Villemard (former Domaine de Moulin. Company name changed in 2015) has a strong following in France, with its clear fruit and vitality that far surpasses the range of affordable wines. The history of the Domaine in Cheverny dates back to 1939, when Hervé's grandfather founded the estate. Hervé fell in love with Vin Nature through his friendship with Thierry Puszla, started Biologic in 1999, and in 2002 acquired Ecosale certification. Currently 22ha of own fields and 13ha of contracted fields. The cellar also invests heavily in traditional equipment and uses many trapezoidal wooden tanks (expensive) for fermentation. 15hl wooden barrels and trapezoidal wooden tanks are often used for aging. Since 2014, it is ambitious to try fermentation and aging in Georgian amphora. No sulfites are added during vinification and 10 mg/L only at bottling. Juicy and elegant with pleasant acidity, Cheverny Rouge is mainly Pinot Noir. We also focus on the Loire's rare indigenous Munu Pinot variety, and express the distinct minerality that is its characteristic.

Tree planting: Since the 1990s Location: Altitude 75-115m
Soil: Clay, fermented and aged in Silex fiberglass or stainless steel tanks