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france burgundy

Ingredients: apple

All Burgundy apples used. A lot of it comes from Chablis. Stored in a cellar for ripening after harvest. It is crushed with a machine, squeezed with a small vertical balloon, and fermented in barrels. Bottled in spring. (From importer materials)

Producer of Pinot Noir without added sulfites, which is valuable in Burgundy. Morgane Souillot, born to a farmer in Haute Court and experienced in natural wine producers such as Agnès Paquet and Small Fry in Australia, and Chandon de Briailles, an Australian after Bass Philippe. The duo of Christian Nott, who was in charge, started the Domaine in 2016. Morgane does the actual work, but the field is on a south-facing slope of Haute-Côte de Beaune at an altitude of around 350m, and is made of lime clay that contains a lot of oyster fossils. Cultivation is done by horses. During brewing in cement tanks and maceration, which takes about 3 weeks, the grapes are not touched as much as possible, and only a light bucket is used for remontage. Only at the end do a pigage with the feet. In addition, the label is handwritten on handmade paper and the domaine name and wine name are written on each sheet. The closure is a wax-sealed glass stopper. In addition to the cool and mineral Pinot Noir, Gamay and Aligoté are also produced.