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spain la mancha

Grape variety: Airén

Pampaneo means the movement of the leaves of the vine when touched by wind or man. At the same time, it is derived from the word Pampana, which is used when people gather for holidays and events. Pampaneo has an eco series (filtered, with sulfites added at bottling) and a natural series (unfiltered, no sulfites added).

Esencia Rural

Has a winery in Quero village, south of Madrid. After making wines for local consumption, in 2002 he founded a company called Esencia Rural to create a unique presence in the market. La Mancha has a harsh and dry climate, but because it does not irrigate, although it has more than 40ha of fields, the production volume does not reach 100,000 trees. Most of the grapes used in Esencia Rural are Airén and Tempranillo, over 100 years old, with flat vineyards laid out in Goblet that stretch to the horizon. In the middle of the field, there is a cooperative winery with a huge cylindrical concrete tank that can be said to be a relic of the mass production era, and it is a sight that makes you feel the rise and fall of the wine industry. At the beginning of brewing, Julián Lewis, a cultivator and brewer, was making wine that was controlled by brewing technology to meet the needs of the market, but with the establishment of the company, he created wine according to his own sensibility. started building. The old Ayren vines, which are usually suitable for mass production, bear a small amount of very concentrated grapes and have a unique rich taste by applying a very long maceration. Certainly there are some variables, but Julian's wines are the greatest tribute to La Mancha's nature and wine culture.

Year Founded: 2002 We have been cultivating grapes and making wine for generations, creating blended wines for the local market. In 1994 he started making wines for export, and in 2002 he founded a company called Esencia Rural, in order to bring out the uniqueness and brand in the market. Brewing manager Rafael Lusend majored in brewing and chemistry, and cultivation manager Julián Ruiz practiced traditional cultivation methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, while using biodynamic and natural farming methods in multiple locations. to learn. It is important to create wine and agricultural products using farming methods that require as little human intervention as possible.

Cultivation method: Since 1999, biodynamics has been applied to all fields