Envidia Cochina Do Rias Baixas 2020 ELADIO PIÑEIRO


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Spain Rias Baixas

Grape variety: Albariño

A wine that depicts the story of a devil and a beautiful woman by the owner couple, which means "I envy you!" The design of the label changes every year. Aromatic presence of white flowers, quince and citrus, while balanced fresh acidity and a long finish.

A blend of 15% of the previous year's wine surrealized for one year. After 3 months of aging with the lees of the current year, it is aged for 3 months in stainless steel tanks.

Founded: 2003
A unique winery with biodynamic farming methods, where Albariño's father is at the top. Envidia Cotina Field area: 48ha www.eladiopineiro.es

Mr. Eladio Pinheiro, the former owner of Mar de Frades, a winery that has been making wine as the face of Albariño since 1983 before the DO Rias Baixas was approved by the DO, had his wife Carme sick in 2003. This is a newly established family-owned winery. At the renovated winery, he stopped the mass-produced style that pursues only profit and started craft-like wine making that expresses his life. Based on the roots of Albariño wine, which uses biodynamic farming methods and is handed down to the land of El Salnes,
We are passionate about making high-quality Albariño in small batches with a high-end market in mind. The naming and bottle shape that overflows with Eladio's personality are completely original. In the wine cellar, music resounds in the aged wine cellar, and his wine is like art made in a museum.