Esprit de Valandraud 2014 Jean-Luc Thunevin


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France Bordeaux

Grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Carmenere

The third wine of "Château Valandreau". The average age of the third wine is 30 years, so it can be said that it is older than the normal Saint-Emilion. Brewed by the Valandro team, the basic brewing is the same as Valandro, and the aging is 100% new barrels for 18-20 months.

Bordeaux right bank reformer "Thunevin"

"Château Valandreau", which started from a small field of 0.5ha, was promoted to Saint-Emilion's highest rating in 2012. A maker who always challenges new brewing to improve quality. AOC Bordeaux "Bad Boy" is also very popular.

Since 2012, "Château Valandreau" has been certified as the highest grade of Saint-Émilion's "Premier Grand Cru Classe". It's been 20 years since the first release in 1992. It is exceptionally unusual for a chateau started by an ordinary person to be rated in conservative Bordeaux. Michel Bettane praised it as "a feat that will go down in the history of French wine."

“In 2000, INAO deprived us of our AOC certification for installing vinyl sheets to protect our fields from the rain. I had no choice but to release it at Vin de Table. 10 years later, the wine was certified for classification.”

In 1989, the head of the family "Jean Luc Thunevin" and his wife "Muriel" acquired only 0.5 ha of the field. Two people who were complete amateurs about wine making. He bought a vineyard but didn't have enough money to buy winery equipment, so he sold his first harvest of grapes to a cooperative. It was Alain Vauthier, the owner of Chateau Ausone at the time, who helped them. He met with Alain Vauthier at a disco where Jean-Luc was DJing. I learned winemaking from him and was able to borrow the brewing equipment of his Moulin Saint-Georges.

"Alain Vauthier said to make a 'handmade' wine. The 1992 vintage sells for €20. Same price as Cheval Blanc. Negothian didn't even look at the nameless wine.』

After that, Roberto Parker, RVF magazine, and Guid Hachette magazine all gave high evaluations, which attracted attention at once. The 1995 selling price was 73 euros. 100 euros in 1999; "Château Valandreau" has become the most popular wine in Saint-Emilion.