Faugères - Valinière 2013 Domaine Léon Barral


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France Languedoc

Grape variety: Mourvedre, Syrah

About Domaine Leon Barral

Baral fields are special. Even when it rains heavily in Languedoc and the tractors tread down the surrounding fields like a swamp, only this field has soft soil that absorbs water and the surface is moist and glossy. It is the power of cultivation that the head of the family, Didier, put his heart and soul into. There is also great power in its cultivation. With enough moisture to remain deep in the soft soil, the acidity of the grapes, which plummets in the surrounding vineyards at harvest, remains bright here. About 100 cows, sheep and chickens are kept free in the fields in winter, so the compost is also completely natural. Unlike many Languedoc wines, which are alcoholic, heavy, and monotonous, this wine is full of finesse, supported by a high degree of purity and acidity, and is called "French natural wine." It is highly evaluated as one of the most quintessential.