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Grape varieties: 88% Viognier , 9% Pinot Noir, 3% Gewurztraminer

Mixed orange with wild yeast. Most are skin contact for 12 days (some whole bunches), 9% are whole bunches pressed to stainless steel. Aged for 8 months in oak barrels and 1 month in stainless steel. No additives.

Orange wine made by blending Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer with Viognier as the main ingredient. Although the skin contact is mainly for less than two weeks, the aromatic charm of bananas, apricots, gorgeously fragrant white flowers and spices is fully expressed. For an accent that gives a tangy and whole bunch feeling. 144 pieces arrived in Japan

Based in Nelson , NZ , Kunoh Wines is a label by Yuki Nakano, a promising young Japanese brewer . Mr. Nakano is from Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture, and came into contact with wine when he visited Australia as an exchange student during his university days. After graduating from university, he started winemaking in 2015 while working at a French/Italian restaurant in Osaka . The number nine is read as Kuno in Noh mask , and Kuno is the last name of Mr. Nakano's maternal grandparents . So, the Kunoh Wines project , which started with the desire to leave the name of Kuno as a wine label, is currently releasing wines from Nelson in New Zealand and Miyagi Prefecture in Japan . It is based in New Zealand. Nakano's own interpretation of "something that oozes out" from his daily life and the character of the land. “Thank you to everyone in Japan. I ’m Yuki Nakano from Kuno Wine . We hope that you will enjoy the 2020 wine, which is brewed from grapes that have grown healthy under the strong sea breeze .