Hell Pet Nat 2022 Delinquente


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Grape varieties: Fiano, Arinto, Malvasia

This is a new product that will be introduced in Japan for the first time, and is made from Fiano & Arinto & Malvasia. There are two major differences from the popular Tough Nuts in the Henkao series. One is the length of the aging period in the bottle. When poured into a glass, the fragrant aroma derived from yeast rises favorably. Another point is disgorgement (and a small amount of antioxidant is added at that time). As a result, the complexity of aging in the bottle has been achieved, but the quality of the sake is extremely clean.

An advanced pet nut with longer bottle aging and disgorgement than the Henkao series. Fiano is naturally fermented in stainless steel and the others in old barrels. Blended and bottled when the desired residual sugar is reached. Disgorge just before release and add a small amount of antioxidants.

The aroma of yeast, honey, the juiciness of green apples and plenty of spice. It has a fruity and friendly taste that has many expressions.