Hermitage Vin De Paille Blanc 1997 Half M.Chapoutier


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French Cote du Rhone

Grape variety:

Since 1990, Michel Chapoutier has decided to use part of the Hermitage Blanc harvest for the production of Vins de Paille. The ripe grapes are hand-harvested from the ripe ones, then dried on racks covered with straw for about two months to condense the sugar and then pressed. It is aged in barrels at 20 degrees for about 60 days and aged in French oak barrels for about 28 months. A rich, concentrated and very well-balanced, extremely sweet wine. It has a deep golden color and an impressive aroma of sugar-cooked fruit and honey. A very balanced, nectar-like, intensely sweet wine. You can enjoy the aftertaste for a long time.