Kazenohatake Sauvignon Blanc 2021 TAKIZAWA WINERY


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Japan Hokkaido

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc

A dry white wine made only from 16-year-old Sauvignon Blanc (as of 2021) in the oldest section of Takizawa Winery's own vineyard, "Kaze no Batake." This will be the first release of "Kaze no Batake" as a single. 2021 was a harsh climate year with high temperatures and drought, but the old vines were firmly rooted, so the drought was unaffected and we were able to harvest very ripe and healthy grapes. is ready. The grapes are squeezed as soon as possible after being harvested. After a light debrevage, we started the primary fermentation with wild yeasts in stainless steel and resin tanks. After primary fermentation, the wine is transferred to stainless steel barrels suitable for aging, undergoing malolactic fermentation with wild lactic acid bacteria, and is bottled after aging for about 9 months. The appearance is yellow green. You can feel the scent of passion fruit and yellow flowers in the refreshing scent of herbs and grapefruit. The mouthfeel is very gentle, and the rich fruitiness spreads out. Due to the height of each element, we expect that it will become a deeper wine by letting it rest for several years. The addition of sulfites is kept to a minimum. Please store in a cool and dark place.

<Manufacturing process>
3151kg is charged with a whole bunch press
After standing for about half a day, deblevage
Primary fermentation with 100% wild yeast in stainless steel and resin tanks
Light racking in stainless steel barrels after primary fermentation
MLF from 100% wild lactic acid bacteria
After about 9 months of contact with the lees, the wine is racked and bottled.
Unfined, unfiltered

<Amount of sulfite added>
10 ppm

<New barrel rate>

<Sugar content>
23.4 degrees