La Ferme de Sato Sue Les Nuages ​​2019 Sato Wines


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new zealand central otago

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

"Sur Les Nuages ​​2019 " is a representative work of La Ferme de Satou, which should be regarded as expressing the long-cherished company field itself. The Pinot Noir is planted in three plots from low to high, and has a clear red color.

La Ferme de Satou has a higher altitude than other Central Otago, and the profile of the sur-le-nuage fruit is reminiscent of a cute red fruit at first glance, but at the same time, it also expresses a bewitching and profound world. Otago is the place to be, and it is also the charm of Sato Wines.

Elements such as licorice, hay, and white pepper, violet-like gorgeousness, and above all, "glossy" fruit and tannins.

As the tree ages, it will become more concentrated, and it is a wonderful quality that you can easily imagine that the lingering sound will become wonderful.

It's already delicious, but it definitely gets better with a few years of aging.

The wine name means "above the clouds". The company's fields are located on an east-facing slope overlooking the thick fog that occurs in the Cromwell Basin, making it look like it's above the clouds.