Morey St Denis Blanc 1er Cru Clos Des Monts Luisants VV 2017 Domaine Ponsot


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france burgundy

Grape variety: Aligoté

One of the prestigious domaines representing Morey Saint Denis. A fantastic white wine made from old trees over 100 years old planted in a first-class field. Ponso is a long-established prestigious Domaine of Morey Saint Denis, the largest producer of the special field Clos de la Roche. It is a maker with a lineup that you want to taste once. This wine is made from Aligoté, an ancient tree that is over 100 years old. A rare wine with an outstanding balance of concentrated fruit and pleasant acidity.

Domaine Ponsot is one of the hardest-to-find domaines in Burgundy. Burgundy is the top domaine of Moret Saint Denis, and is one of the makers that continues to attract the attention of wine lovers around the world, with a perfect five-star rating by Robert Parker.

Ponso produces wines in this world with extreme stoic methods, such as strict yield limits, no use of pesticides, no new barrels, and no addition of SO2. However, it is precisely because the results of such commitment are firmly reflected in his work that he has become an existence that receives love calls from all over the world.

The Grand Cru of Morey Saint-Denis. It is a premier cru adjacent to the upper part of "Clos de la Roche" and is located in a good location with a high altitude facing east.