Niagara Sparkling 2022 sans soufre ajouté TAKIZAWA WINERY


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Japan Hokkaido

Grape variety: Niagara

Sparkling wine with no added sulfites, made with Niagara grapes from Yoichi, Hokkaido. The grapes are carefully sorted and immediately squeezed in bunches. After a light racking, the wine is fermented with wild yeasts, and the second fermentation in the bottle is done only by the wild yeasts that survived the first fermentation. The appearance is clear yellow. The scent has sweet and gorgeous scents such as green apples and pears. From the moment you pour it into a glass, the fragrance will tickle your nose and make you want to drink. The taste is creamy foam and rich fruit flavor that spreads throughout the mouth, and you can enjoy the lingering sourness. It is finished with the sediment of the secondary fermentation in the bottle, so it becomes cloudy. There is a possibility that it will boil over, so please cool it well in a refrigerator before uncorking. You can enjoy it immediately after release, but the lees left in the bottle will give the wine even more flavor as it ages. Since no sulfites are added, please store in a cool, dark place below 16 degrees.

<Manufacturing process>
Whole bunch press after careful sorting
Let it sit for about half a day and lightly devour it.
Primary fermentation with 100% wild yeast in synthetic resin tanks
At the end of December, 3 atmospheres of sugar is added, and secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle.
Unfined, unfiltered

<Amount of sulfite added>