Ooh La La Noir 2017 Good Intentions Wine


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Australia South Australia

Grape variety: Pinot Noir 3/4 , Semillon 1/4

Limestone, flint and volcanic soils. All Pinots are cultivated in our own fields and biodynamic farming. Half of Pinot is carbonic maceration and half is rosé aged in stainless steel tanks for 8 months. The Semillon is destemmed, skin-contacted for 10 days, and then aged with flor in stainless steel tanks. No additives, including antioxidants, are used and bottled unfiltered.

" Good Intentions Wine" started in 2014 by Andrew who loves Mount Gambier . Mount Gambier is attracting attention due to its cool climate and unique geological features such as limestone and volcanic ash, and is a relatively new wine production area that was GI certified in 2010 . Andrew's attitude toward wine is full of respect for nature and humanity, and he is a modern Aussie who enjoys free thinking. Fermented with wild yeast. No additives other than a very small amount of antioxidants before bottling. In addition, we do not analyze with electronic equipment during cultivation and brewing, and judge everything with our own five senses. Good Intentions Wine 's philosophy is to use 100 % organically grown grapes to express a unique and "clean" natural wine that reflects the terroir of Mount Gambia. We have decided to manage our own vineyards (currently we have purchased grapes), change the specifications to cork, and add a very small amount of SO2 to some wines (if there are no additives, we will take a solid aging period until release). .