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australia adelaide hills

Grape variety: Pinot Gris

A Pinot Gris pet nut born from BK's deep love for Japan. Pinot Gris from Basket Range Carrie Garry is pressed as it is into a concrete egg tank of about 1800L. Once the prescribed residual sugar is reached, it is bottled and crowned. No antioxidants are used. Aromas of flint and apple petals, a mix of savory and beeswax-like textures create a complex yet refreshing close with just the right amount of acidity.

The minerality of flint and the fruitiness of apples unique to the Adelaide Hills. In addition, the flavor, which is a mixture of aroma and beeswax-like texture, is complex, but with appropriate acidity, it leads to a refreshing close. This is the second vintage, and the quality has improved as much as Brendon 's understanding has progressed.