Pétillant Naturel Rose 2022 BK Wines


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australia adelaide hills

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

A whole cluster of Pinot Noir from Lenswood, planted in 1987, is pressed into a 1,800-liter concrete egg tank. Once the prescribed residual sugar is reached, it is bottled and crowned. No antioxidants are used. 22vt where you can feel the evolution of the BK pet nut the most. A delicate fruitiness reminiscent of the mesocarp of a pink grapefruit, a hint of phenol, and a candy-like cuteness.

The fruitiness of the pink grapefruit skin and fruit (and the mesocarp in between), and the familiarity of strawberry candy. And a slight phenol is accented, and it is finished in a very fine quality.