Pinot Bianco 2019 Dario Princic


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Italy Friuli Venezia Giulia

Grape variety: Pinot Bianco

In 2019 , Dario began to be interested in the deliciousness and individuality of Pinot Bianco after taking over the old Pinot Bianco field from an acquaintance's grandfather. The clone of this field is a special clone, and it seems that Pinot Bianco, which tends to be flat, becomes a powerful and deep wine. A new vineyard near the cantina has also started growing Pinot Bianco. This is the first release of the Pinot Bianco that made Dario crazy! Maceration for 25 days. No other Pinot Bianco has this length of maceration. After fermentation is complete, the lees remain intact and are placed in large barrels for 30 months of aging. Only 1400 pieces will be produced . A great wine from the first vintage.

Dario Princić, who shares the same ideas as Radicon and Gravner, works on natural cultivation and brewing. Ribolla Giarra is made by brewing and fermenting. 35 days of maceration, fermented only with natural yeasts without temperature control. No fining or filtering, only very small amounts of SO2 at bottling. While the fruit has a strong presence, it is a pleasantly balanced wine with astringency, bitterness and delicate acidity derived from the skin.

A close friend of Yosco Gravnel, and a classmate of Stanco Radicon and La Castellada's Nico. But Dario is different. Whereas they were the children of the cantina for generations, Dario was not. In fact, it is said that he was a wholesaler of ingredients, Gravenel, and Radicon wines to nearby restaurants and hotels.
Unable to hold back his passion for winemaking, he started home-bottling in 1993. While learning many of the technical things from Stanko Radicon, we shared the same idea for wine making.
Dario's wines are special. There is no "difficulty" or "difficulty" that Gravnel and Radicon have. It doesn't give the cold impression of trying to drink it, but it is full of "kindness" that will approach anyone.
The gorgeous and richly fragrant attack stays strong and long in the mouth. However, there is a sense of "lightness" that makes it easy to drink without feeling the "weight of the wine" due to long-term maceration.

“I learned how to make wine from Stanko, and I make wine with the same feeling as Stanko. Balance is the key, isn't it? 』

As Dario says, his wines are all about balance. The tannins, thickness, soft acidity, and firmness derived from ponca are balanced at a high level by the freshness of the fruit and the rich, dense sweetness that comes from permeating the skin for a long period of time. It can be said that it is a high-dimensional and balanced wine that only Dario can do.