Pinot Noir Barrel Selection 2020 Vinařství Krásná hora Pinot Noir Barrel Selection


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Czech Moravia

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

Made from 10-20 year old biodynamic Pinot Noir from Stary Podvorov in the Hodonin district. Hand-picked, sorted, destemmed, crushed and macerated in open plastic tanks for one month. Pressed, transferred to new barrels and fermented for 12 months in Surrey. Bottled unfiltered.

It is already becoming a popular producer in Europe such as Central Europe and Eastern Europe, mainly in Northern Europe. Bizot, Obernois, Miroir, Seros, Preure Rock, etc.
Ranked 18th among French producers. It was so unknown that only the 18th place Czech maker was unmarked !

Star Wine List

*Krasnaola's face series is a Czech artist and musician
It is a label created by Jaromir99, which is also a casual drink that you can drink.
natural wine. White label Chardonnay Pinot Noir is biodynamic
There is, but it is a classic range, a beautiful type and a calm taste

Originally, I attended an electrical engineering school for IT programming, but about 11 years ago, I started helping out in my uncle's cellar and fields, and started working there. I went to France, Austria, and Italy and learned winemaking and knowledge as a winemaker through actual battles. I inherited my great grandfather's 0.5ha vineyard for generations, and now I have a 15ha vineyard. Krasnahora means beautiful hill or beautiful mountain. Behind the winery, there is a mountain called MontePulchra, which means beautiful mountain in Latin, so I took the name of the winery from there. They make casual, low-alcohol, easy-to-drink wines. The people and graphics on the label are by Jaromir99 (JaromirSvejdik), a famous Czech artist and musician. The goal is not to win awards or get rich, but to maintain the soil of perfect balance. I want to continue sustainable work, acquire biodynamic certification, and grow the winery.