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australia victoria

Grape varieties: Riesling, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc , Pinot Gris , Gewurztraminer

“There are so many ideas that can't be explained in a few sentences, not so much,” says Owen, a traditional grape variety that pursues unconventional charm. All varieties except SB are vinified separately with skin contact (average about 1 week). Blended and bottled with a small amount of sulfites. Unfiltered, no clarifiers used. Gorgeous aroma of lychee and melon. The minerals that feel cool and the texture with acidity and umami are all excellent.

All varieties except Sauvignon Blanc are skin-contact, and it can be said that it is a gorgeous and fascinating aromatic orange wine such as lychee, fresh melon, and honey. While the "mountain wine feeling" reminiscent of high altitude characterizes the whole, the minerals, flavor, structure, and acidity are all excellent and wonderful.

LATTA Vino ( Pyrenees , VIC)

LattaVino's "OwenLatta" was selected as "YoungWinemakeroftheYear" by Gourmet Wine Traveler magazine in 2018 and creates exciting wines from fields in the cool climate of Midwestern Victoria. ”. Owen is the second generation of the winery "EasternPeak", which his parents started planting in 1983 and established in 1994, and literally grew up surrounded by grapes and wine. Since that time, EasternPeak has continued to cultivate without chemical agents and without irrigation (in recent years, due to the effects of climate change, groundwater may be used to a minimum), and the winery also avoids excessive manual intervention. It is said that it came.

Owen made his debut as a brewer in 1999, when he was just 15 years old. That year, when his father, Norman, had an accident at work and left the company, Owen, who was a student at the time, naturally took charge of Vintage. After that, while helping the family business, completed wine science at university. In 2006, when he returned to take over the winery, he worked as a winemaker at another winery, gaining experience and extra income while visiting Europe, mainly in Burgundy. The experience there convinced us that what we had done was right, and in 2012, we experimented with colorful grapes from fields in the Midwest of Victoria (buying grapes from trusted farmers). When "LATTA" was launched to release wines that incorporated many trials, it quickly attracted Australian professionals.
The company's fields, which were originally not contaminated with chemical substances, are now transitioning to organic farming, and the transition to biodynamic/biodynamic farming is underway in the future. In terms of brewing, the wine is based on overflowing ideas such as skin-contact white, mineral-filled multi-variety blends, and Nebbiolo rosé. It is made with However, young and experienced Owen says, "Everything starts with healthy soil and healthy vines growing there. Winemaking is an extension of that, and it's relatively easy for me." I'm going to say it. That's why critic Mike Benny said, "It's young, but you can feel the depth of experience as an unbelievable brewer. It's definitely the top young brewer, but I'm sure it will stand at the top of Australia in the near future." There is a fearsomeness to say.