Riesling Grand Cru "Frankstein" 2018 Les Vins Pirouettes


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France Alsace

Grape variety: Riesling

Negos by Domaine Binner

Christian of "Domaine Binaire" started Negos not only brewing in his own field. Using the grapes from the fields of the four friends, we brew a fun Alsace wine that allows you to enjoy the fruit more honestly.

A refreshing and harvey scent. A wine that has the dignity and scale of a grand cru, while allowing you to enjoy the rhythm of a van nature.

Uses only grapes from fellow winemakers

Speaking of Alsace's Van Nature, "Domaine Binner" is always mentioned. The domaine, which has been working on pesticide-free cultivation for a long time, has been attracting more attention since the current head of the family, "Christian". “Les Vinaires” is a negociant that “Christian” started in 2010. The grapes used are the grapes of four friends who are working on natural wine making. “Christian” is in charge of brewing while also involved in cultivation.

“It is made with the same philosophy as Domaine Viner, but the soil is different and the condition of the trees is different, so it has a different personality. The fields of the domaine have soil that is compatible with Riesling, but many of the fields of my friends can express fruits such as Muscat and Pinot Gris.”