Saint Joseph Rouge 2017 Thierry Alexandre


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French Cote du Rhone

Grape variety: Syrah

Maceration takes about 15-20 days, and in the early stages of fermentation, remontage is done for 10 minutes a day. After fermentation, it is pressed, packed in old barriques and aged for 12 months. No collage or filter. Production volume of 600 bottles per year at Saint-Joseph Rouge.

The original "Saint-Joseph" before the expansion makes you fully feel the new possibilities of wine-making that makes use of the excellent terroir of San-Joseph. A young man who started in 2005.

After being in charge of cultivating Jean-Louis Chave, he ran a company, but he hated desk work and left the company to become a farmer. From making grapes to brewing. Natural brewing that can only be done with an annual production of 5000 bottles (for all wines). Enjoy the wild taste of Saint Joseph.