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Australia Western Australia

Grape varieties: Chenin Blanc , Sauvignon Blanc , Semillon

Harvested grapes are crushed by foot in plastic jars and fermentation begins with wild yeasts. After 6 days, the wine is basket pressed and fermented in 500L old barrels. After aging for 12 months, it is lightly filtered and bottled.

Fruity flavors such as white peach, citrus fruits, and ripe apples combined with rich minerality and a faint vanilla scent. Juicy and fruity.

ExpressWinemakers established in 2011 in Great Southern, Western Australia. The brewer is RyanO'Meara (35 years old as of 2019), who has already received a lot of attention, such as being nominated for "YoungGun", the gateway to success for young brewers in Australia. After graduating from Curtin University in Perth, he started working at a winery in Australia, but was disgusted by the soulless, industrial winemaking that demanded "perfection according to the recipe" and left the wine industry for a while to join the brewery. I will get a job at The first turning point for Ryan came in 2008. It was when I met people who were helping with the harvest in Tuscany, who were close to nature, and who blended winemaking into their lifestyles.

After regaining his passion for wine, he energetically gained experience as a winemaker in Australia and Europe (France/Spain/Yarra Valley) to regain the lost time. During that time, he encountered natural wine, which was booming in South Australia at the time, and was forced to “readjust” his previous experience. It took several years to readjust, but Ryan has definitely carved out his steps as a brewer. And in 2011, while working as a winemaker in Western Australia, he found a high potential as a wine production area hidden in the isolated natural environment while providing a cool climate in the Great Southern land. Finally, that year, he launched his own label "Express Winemakers" with only 6 tons of grapes.

The supreme proposition that Ryan holds in his heart is to “express” as a brewer the “taste of the land” where the grapes grow. The four vineyards he currently manages (leases) are located in Mount Barker and Poronlap, all organically grown without the use of chemicals (plus other production areas managed by his friends). using grapes purchased from organic vineyards). Fully benefiting from the cool climate of the Great Southern, the granite soils in his vineyards are never irrigated, encouraging the roots of the vines to grow deep into the soil. High-quality grapes with strictly controlled yields are hand-picked relatively early, crushed by human feet and naturally fermented by indigenous wild yeasts. Young and talented Ryan is a traditional basket press, whole bunch fermentation, skin contact of white grapes, Minimal Intervention (minimum human intervention) approach such as using the minimum amount of antioxidants, tradition and innovation. Practice wine making after digesting in yourself.

The result is clean, natural wines with an impressive "lively, tightening natural acidity". This unique acid, which is expressed from the Great Southern land commonly found in his wines, gives his wines a pleasant "drinkability" that goes down the throat with just the right amount of fruit and umami. They are doing it for me.