Tabiji Rosé Sparkling 2022 sans soufre ajouté TAKIZAWA WINERY


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Japan Hokkaido

Grape variety: journey

This is a rosé sparkling wine that uses tabiji, a grape variety unique to Hokkaido. After careful sorting, the grapes are destemmed and crushed, and the color and flavor are extracted by brewing with the skins for about 5 days, and the juice is squeezed in an appropriate state. After the primary fermentation, the wine was bottled without the addition of sulfites and proceeded to secondary fermentation in the bottle. All fermentation is done with wild yeasts. Light salmon pink in appearance. The scent has red fruits such as gorgeous strawberries and raspberries, and a refreshing impression like mint. It has a fruity flavor that pops in your mouth and a relaxed acidity, and the moderate tannins from the peel provide a deep flavor and a long aftertaste. With no added sulfites, this wine is easy to drink, and you can't help but put it in your mouth. It is finished with the sediment of the secondary fermentation in the bottle, so it becomes cloudy. There is a possibility that it will boil over, so please cool it well in a refrigerator before uncorking. You can enjoy it immediately after release, but the lees left in the bottle will give the wine even more flavor as it ages. Since no sulfites are added, please store in a cool, dark place below 16 degrees.

<Manufacturing process>
After careful sorting, the fruits are destemmed and crushed by machine, followed by maceration. After about 5 days of maceration, the primary fermentation is carried out in press synthetic resin tanks using 100% wild yeast.
In mid-December, only sugar is added at a gas pressure of 3 atmospheres, and the secondary fermentation in the bottle is unfined and unfiltered.

<Amount of sulfite added>