"VV" Bolla 2019 l'Armonia


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Italy Veneto

Grape variety: Durella

Tight acidity is comfortable

Rich minerality with hints of lemon and grapefruit. It is characterized by the sharp acidity that is typical of Durella, but the sweetness and roundness are also felt afterwards, making you want to drink forever.

Soil containing mainly limestone and volcanic rocks, altitude 550m. 60 year old Durella is used. 80% is a blend of grapes harvested in 2018 and 20% is a blend of grapes harvested after 2015. Direct press after destemming. After natural fermentation in large barrels, reserve wine is added and aged as it is. Bottled in May, secondary fermentation with grape sugar. disgorgement. Dosage uses a special in-house liqueur instead of sugar.

Aiming for the best drinking comfort and enjoyment for everyone

Harmony of nature and life culture

Influenced by his parents who ran a trattoria, he became interested in food culture. After learning about food in Parma, he experienced various jobs. When I was studying to become a chef, I encountered agriculture and became very interested in the strong taste and local characteristics of vegetables grown using natural farming methods. In addition, you will be fascinated by the unique wines made with natural farming methods and where you can feel the taste of the land.

The head of Armonia, Andrea Pendin, decided to start making wine instead of being a chef. The company was established in 2010 after purchasing a field in the local Montecchio Maggiore, near Soave. We will start by introducing biodynamics to regenerate the damaged fields.

The winery name "Armonia", which means harmony, means that by coexisting with nature, we will contribute to the development of life and culture that humans should feel happy. For Andrea, this is not an aesthetic or a motto, but a way of life and a way of life. Therefore, not only wine, but also ancient wheat, organic vegetable cultivation and olive oil making. There was also a trattoria run by his parents on the premises. It is truly a place of harmony of food culture.

Wine making that matches the soil

Like Soave, the fields are volcanic rock soils derived from volcanic eruptions, but strictly speaking, they can be divided into three different personalities. Wine is made according to the characteristics of the soil.


Soil containing a lot of basalt in the soil where volcanic rock is weathered and mixed with clay. We will create the POP series, which is light and comfortable to drink every day at a casual price because it gives you a sense of minerality and freshness as well as the dynamism of fruits.


Soils containing weathered volcanic rock mixed with clay, rich in tuff such as quartz-bearing trachyte and pumice. This gives a structure and a solid feeling, so it is judged that it can withstand long maceration. We will challenge with the "+a series" of amphora fermentation and aging.

Soil of weathered volcanic rock mixed with clay mixed with activated lime. Ideal for wines that provide saltiness, strong minerality and structure. At the same time, the vineyards have a high age, so wines with finesse can be produced. The "VV Series", which has an overwhelming compositional power, is a wine with a different stage.

Expanding the base of natural wine

If you drink wine, you will feel it, but it is very straightforward and straight delicious. I don't feel any extra make-up or build-in. What Andrea wants to do is to let people feel the taste of the local Vicenza land through natural winemaking. At the same time, we want more people to feel the honest taste that is not found in industrial wines.

That is why, while adhering to natural farming and natural brewing, rather than pushing out one's own ego and artistry, we will expand the base of Van Nature with "POP" that anyone can feel that it is delicious at a price that anyone can afford. We want people to feel the complexity and umami of wine in the “+a” category, and finally “VV” to impress them with the deep and complex flavors unique to wine.