VdF - Evidence 2009 (500ml) Les Cailloux du Paradis


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Loire France

Grape variety: Munu Pinot

About Les Cailles du Paradis

Also known as "miracle wine", the wine of Claude Courtois and his wife, who have enthusiastic followers in France. Since the first vintage in 1995, with the exception of extremely low harvests and very few exceptions, the wine produced by brewing and bottling without adding sulfites is a great genuine Van Nature following Chauvet and Overnois. As an ancestor product, it influenced wine producers around the world. Claude's belief is, "If the environment of the field is in perfect harmony, you can make great wine without worrying about rotting fruit even during the rainy season. I will continue to be a farmer rather than a winemaker." As part of this, he uses acacia wood hewn from the surrounding forest for tree splints in the fields, instead of using efficient steel or concrete. The wine is also macerated for 30 months depending on the year. 30-50 year old wooden barrels are also used for aging. If you take a sip of his representative product, Racine Rouge, it is a devilish wine with a very gentle texture and a mysterious texture. Currently, the company's field area is 6.1ha, with an average annual production of 24,000 bottles, and Etienne, the third son of Claude and his wife, is in charge of everything other than Racine Rouge.