Tegumi 330 Tanba Wine (Commercial use)


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Grape variety: Delaware

Grape production area: Yamanashi, Yamagata, Kagawa

Made with raw stuffing without using any antioxidants and without filtering. It is a wine brewed from the brewery that is rich in the complex and fruity flavors inherent in grapes and the aroma of yeast, with a slight turbidity and a touch of carbon dioxide. Sediment, yeast, tartar, etc. may crystallize in wine , but they are natural ingredients of grapes.

colour The color is clear with hints of pink and yellow. Since "lily" accumulates at the bottom of the bottle, it becomes cloudy as you continue to drink, but it is healthy without any problems. Light viscosity. Slightly sparkling wine.
scent Delaware-like grapes themselves with plenty of fruit incense such as white peach, apple and citrus. The faint scent of mint and the herbal scent of Serfeuille expresses a refreshing acidity.
taste The effervescent "shuwashwa" gives a pleasant impression to the attack. The sweet wine that I imagined from the scent is overturned, and a refreshing acidity spreads in my mouth. A light and easy-to-drink dry wine with a pleasant bitterness.
Overall review In the coming season, even those who don't usually drink wine will have more opportunities to drink. This is a wine that I would highly recommend. Perfect for a toast. Plenty of sweet fruit aromas, the taste is dry but not too spicy, light and easy to drink. And it's easy to match with cooking. It goes well with silver salmon and mushrooms wrapped in foil, chevre cheese and apple salad, and marinated turnips.