Zweigelt 2018 Coco Farm Winery (Cocoto Aru Series)


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Japan Tochigi

Grape variety: Zweigelt

The color is a deep purplish black. Complex aromas of cassis, blackberry jam, herbs such as thyme and laurel, sandalwood, cinnamon, licorice, smoke, chocolate, coffee, dried meat and black pepper. The palate is fresh and dried berry fruits. Medium body with a soft attack. A long-lasting red wine with fresh acidity and spices of oak and pepper.

Compatibility with food: Venison carpaccio, cod and potato brandade, butter foil-grilled mushrooms, sweet and spicy chicken liver, Tafelspitz, Sri Lankan kidney bean curry, spaghetti bolognese, Bismarck pizza, botan hot pot, blue cheese
Best time to drink: Until 2027, the refreshing taste of fruit and fresh acidity will continue. From around 2028, the tannins will become smoother due to aging, and umami and aroma will become the main flavor.

Zweigelt, Zweigeltrebe... This grape variety, also called "Zweigelt" or "Zweigeltrebe", is a little difficult to say compared to "Pinot Noir" and "Chardonnay" which are easy to say and delicious. This grape was developed in 1922 by Dr. Zweigelt in an Austrian laboratory by crossing Saint Laurent and Blaufränkisch grapes. Despite its early maturity and high yield, it is now widely cultivated in Austria. We also take this “Zweigelt” very seriously. Wine is directly affected by climate change. Despite this, Zweigelt makes it possible to produce high-quality, deep red wine even in the cold Hokkaido.
"Cocoto Aru Series 2018 Zweigelt" consists of two fields: Konishi Farm in the Nobori district at the top of the hill overlooking the town of Yoichi and the Sea of ​​Japan, and Nakagawa Farm in the northernmost hill, quiet with a gentle breeze. Made from Zweigelt grapes. 2018 has been a roller coaster year. Rainy early spring, cool weather during flowering, and a series of typhoons hitting Hokkaido kept the Yoichi vineyards in high humidity until the end of August. Autumn, however, saw a sudden upturn in warm, dry weather, which allowed us to harvest optimally ripe grapes.
At the winery, these grapes were gently crushed, fermented with wild yeasts at moderate temperatures, and stored and aged for 16 months in old and new French oak barrels. Nothing is added except for a very small amount of sulfites when bottling, and it is not filtered.
It was a difficult year, but I am happy that we were able to make such a wine full of possibilities.

technical data
Breed: Zweigelt 100%
field: Konishi Farm, Nakagawa Farm, Noboricho, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido
harvest: 2018/10/24-30
Sugar content at harvest (average): 22.2°Brix
Harvest method: Hand-picked
fermentation: 100% destemmed. Fermented with wild yeast for 1 month. It was then stored in 90% old and 10% new (French oak) barrels for 16 months.
Bottled: Bottling date: 2020/08/11-13
Number of bottles: 5,543 bottles (750ml)
Alcohol: 12.3% Acidity: 8.2g/L Residual sugar: 1.9g/L