Western-style miso-simmered Tajima duck tenderloin tangobar


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Western-style miso-boiled canned Tajima duck fillet in a sauce made with homemade miso, butter, and garlic. It's also recommended to eat it with rice and eat it with takikomi gohan!

<What is Tajima Duck?>
The ducks are raised freely in Tajima's natural environment under sanitation management and with an appropriate number of ducks.They are safe, secure and healthy ducks that use carefully selected feed (bait) made mainly from home-grown rice (produced in Tajima).
This is the highest quality duck with the original flavor and richness of the duck, as well as high-quality fat.

[Producer] Aigamo no Taniguchi

Ingredients: duck meat (produced in Hyogo Prefecture), miso, beet sugar, butter, red wine, garlic, allspice, basil (contains some soybeans and milk ingredients)
Contents: 92g
Seller: Agricultural Cooperative Corporation Aigamo no Taniguchi
Nutritional information Per serving (92g): Calories 118kcal, protein 20.1g, fat 2.4g, carbohydrates 4.0g, salt equivalent 1.82g (estimate)