Yatsushiro's ancient Japanese lotus leaf tea (can/leaf 20g)


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Beauty tea loved by Yang Guifei. Rich in polyphenols, it gives you beauty from the inside out. It is also recommended for greasy food or when you eat a lot and feel heavy.

[Recommended scene] ・When you want to take a break and relax.・When you want to improve digestion. [What is lotus? ] A lotus plant that grows in swamps and ponds. The lotus, a native species, has a rich vitality and a sweet scent like fragrant rhinoceros. Lotus tea is a popular tea often served during meals in Vietnam. For over 40 years, no pesticides have been used and organic fertilizers have been cultivated. Full of flavonoids! It's non-caffeine! [About the production area and background of tea production] The Yatsushiro region of Kumamoto Prefecture is an area with many farmers who are working on pesticide-free cultivation. Here I met a precious native lotus leaf. Currently, about 90% of the lotus plants cultivated are non-native species. It takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate, and although it is small, it is rich in nutrients and has a strong flavor. Carefully roasted by herbal hermits living in Aso. It seems that the method of heating is devised so that the second infusion is also delicious. [Delicious brewing method] *We will include a brewing leaflet when shipping. You can enjoy it hot or iced. ① Hot water for one person = 1 cup of hot water + 1 and a half teaspoon of tea leaves Pour boiling water of about 100 degrees and steam for 3 and a half minutes. (It will be more delicious if you put a lid on it.) ②Mizudashi 1 liter of water + 6 to 8 g of tea leaves Put water and tea leaves in a pitcher and extract for about 6 to 8 hours. Please extract in the refrigerator in the summer. It has a soft and clean taste. ③Boiling When you have time, I would like you to try the method of boiling over low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can extract the flavor and nutrition richly. [Enjoy the taste until the end] If you store the dried garashi in a freezer, boil it all together, and add the extract to the bath, it will be moist and moist after the bath. (Depending on the tea, the bathtub may be colored. Please be careful.) If you take a bath, you will be well moisturized after bathing. [Product name] Lotus tea (wild grass tea, Japanese herbal tea) [Ingredients] Lotus (leaf) [Country of origin] Kumamoto Prefecture [Contents] Leaf 20g (about 20 cups)