Kirishima Oysters and Hatomugi Tea (Leaf/can 60g)


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A beautiful tour of the water. The scent makes you feel calm. And the oysters and pearl barley tea that moisturizes. It is non-caffeine. [Recommended scenes] ・When you want to relax.・For those who are concerned about beautiful skin.・In the morning when you want to feel refreshed. [What is Kakidoshi Hatomugi? ] Kakidooshi is a member of the Labiatae family (perilla and mint), and Hatomugi is a plant of the Poaceae family (corn and Sasa). Based on fragrant and well-roasted pearl barley, it has a refreshing mint-like feel. A refreshing tea perfect for when you want to feel refreshed. Hatomugi is rich in protein and vitamins ◎ [About the production area and the background of tea production] We make the best use of the taste of ingredients grown in Kirishima, southern Kyushu, which is rich in nature. Wild grasses hand-picked and cultivated in the mountains by Kirishima grandpas and grandmas. The medicinal herb factory, which has protected and utilized medicinal herb culture for generations, is making it wholeheartedly. [How to brew delicious] You can enjoy it deliciously hot or iced. (It is also recommended to make lemon tea!) ① Hot water brewing 4-5 minutes / or 10-15 minutes (1 cup of hot water + 1 teaspoon of tea leaves) You can enjoy 2 tastes by changing the extraction time. increase. Pour hot water and leave it for 5 minutes for a refreshing taste. After 15 minutes, the roasted adlay has a calm and fragrant taste, and the finish is solid. (2) Cold brew 6-8 hours (1 liter of water + 10-15g of tea leaves) (In the summer, put it in the refrigerator for extraction) If you put the extract in the bath, it will warm you up after taking a bath. (Depending on the tea, the bathtub may be colored. Please be careful.) After taking a bath, you will feel refreshed after bathing. [Product name] Wild herb tea (Japanese herbal tea) [Ingredients] Oyster, pearl barley, wolfberry leaves [Country of origin] Kirishima, South Kyushu [Contents] Leaf 60g (about 20 to 23 cups)