7Grain 7Hop DDH IPA BRULO BEER/ 7 Grain 7 Hop Double Dry Hopped IPA Brulo Beer


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A unique combination of 7 grains and 7 fresh, aromatic hops. A full-bodied beer with an approachable bitterness. Double dry hopping creates a beer with fresh tropical fruit aromas.

Slightly hazy, the aroma is strongly hoppy, with flavors like pineapple, lemon and grapefruit spreading in the mouth. A very easy drinking NEIPA style with malt and hops, fruity flavors, a soft dry finish and a lingering aftertaste. Recommended for barbecues on hot days and cheese boards in winter.

The hops used are Nelson Sauvin, Sabro, Simcoe, Azzaca, Citra, Columbus, and Mosaic. You can take it on your liver-free days, on days when you don't want to leave alcohol for the next day, or when you need to drive. You can drink with confidence even during activities such as sauna and surfing.

What is DDH IPA (Double Dry Hopped IP A)?

An IPA style that allows you to feel the aroma and bitterness of hops. Dry hopping is a method of adding hops to fermented beer to bring out the aroma of the hops. Double Dry Hopped uses twice the amount of hops added, resulting in an even more hoppy beer.

About Brulo

With the mission of "Juicy, hoppy, alcohol-free craft beer for the modern world." .
Their taste, quality, creativity, everything, decided to make only the beer they like and started the brewery. We use high-quality ingredients, innovative yeast cultures and modern brewing techniques to create vegan-friendly beers without compromising taste. James Ockelford, the designer who designed the label, came across "eyes" when he was looking at Japanese poster designs in the 1960s, and received inspiration from that to create the current can label design.
In 2021, the name will be changed from CoastBeer to BruloBeer and rebranded.