"a+" Chic 2020 l'Armonia


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Italy Veneto

Grape variety: Chardonnay, Durella

The Chardonnay is macerated and aged for 10 days in Tuscan amphora made in Galestro.

Rich fruity aromas of apples, honey and white flowers. There is also a thickness and complex taste that comes from the pericarp and seeds, and the wine alone is very satisfying!

Late-picked Durella grapes are fermented in stainless steel. Aged for 5 months in Slovenian and Hungarian oak barrels. After bottling, add frozen grape juice for secondary fermentation. Disgorgement after 8 months in bottle.

Biodynamic producers who simply harmonize with nature in POP

The owner of Larmonia, Andrea Pendin, was inspired by the many natural farming methods in Italy while studying "food" at the Gastronomic University of Parma. Among them, you will be fascinated by encountering natural wines. While working as a designer, I made preparations and launched my own winery in 2009.

He purchased a field in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza, and continued biodinami farming for 6 years to regenerate the field with the advice of winemakers. We worked with the idea of ​​giving top priority to respecting nature, the land, and the traditions built by people, and the fields were wonderfully stabilized, making it possible to naturally brew with indigenous varieties.

The soil in Montecchio is a calcareous clay with marls, while in the vicinity of Larmonia it is volcanic and basaltic, suitable for the production of frizzante and white wine. In ancient times, this land was a sea, and volcanic eruptions lifted the land to form the current land of Vicenza. The soil is rich in minerals and is said to produce elegant wines that can be aged.