Calaiancu 2022 Il Mortellito


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Italy Sicily

Grape varieties: Grillo, Catarratto

Refreshing aroma and taste of citrus fruits

Grapefruit and herbal nuances. A very refreshing and attractive fragrance. You can feel the ripe fruit, but it is light and comfortable to drink, and the acidity and saltiness that make you feel like you are reminiscent of the Sicilian sea.

90% Grillo , 10% Catarat . 40m above sea level, special soil with layers of black clay, sandy soil and white limestone. Grillo is harvested in mid-August and Cataratto on September 1st. Separate spontaneous fermentation, each with 24 hours maceration. It is then blended and aged in stainless steel tanks for 6 months. Only a small amount of SO2 is added just before bottling. Calaiancu means "white grapes".