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capacity 330ml

Country of origin Belgium

Ingredients Barley malt, hops, sugar, orange peel/carbonic acid, flavoring, antioxidant (ascorbic acid)

[Tasting comment]

It has a rich aroma that you wouldn't expect from a non-alcoholic beer, and even when you put it in your mouth, it's very close to regular beer in terms of richness, volume, and balance. Strong bitterness and depth of flavor like a blond ale.

[Elements of taste]

Malt, hops, orange, vinegar. A dense and warm malt aroma with bitterness of hops and a hint of volatile vinegar. Citrus nuances like oranges and tangerines.


It's almost beer, although it doesn't have the thickness of alcohol in the aftertaste, so it's easy to use without thinking too much. The strong bitterness of the blond ale and the thickness of the malt make it a good match with heavy dishes and ingredients, and it can be used for a wide range of purposes beyond the first cup.