BLANC DE NOIRS EXTRA BRUT Les Maillons 2016 Ulysse Collin


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french champagne

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

A blanc de noir made only from Pinot Noir in a section called Les Maillon in Valbonne Fayel village, which has been cultivated since 2004. The nose has a fairly strong minerality and is centered on fruits such as pears and grated apples from beginning to end. The ripe fruit is impressive from the attack, and the firm acidity gives the richness of the swelling bubbles, leading to a plump balance and a long finish. The condensed fruit flavor dominates the mouth.

When he was a student, Olivier Colin was just one wine lover, but in 2001 he was inspired by a visit to Mr. Anselm Serros and decided to create his own champagne. , I started collecting the fields that my parents rented at the time.
After training under Mr. Anselm Seros in 2002, he started cultivating his own fields in 2003.
He believes that it is important to listen to the voices of grapes in cultivation and choose practical and practical methods. I'm here.
The Maison's name, Ulysse Colin, is named after one of your ancestors.