CAI Riesling Kabinett trocken 2021 Weingut Immich-Batterieberg


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germany mosel

Grape variety: Riesling

Basic but high level dry Riesling
The vineyards are scattered around the foot of steep slopes spanning multiple vineyards. It is brewed in stainless steel tanks based on grapes grown in young trees. Colman uses wild yeast, does not use any additives or brewing aids, and does not adjust the fermentation temperature, leading to a taste that is left to the development of the juice. Although it is a basic cuvée, it has the elegance of a Riesling made of slate soil, and first-time drinkers will be surprised at the high level of taste.

Imich Batteryberg
Imich Batteryberg's "Imich" comes from the Imich family, who have run the brewery since 1425. The name "Batteryberg" comes from the fact that the roaring sound of the vineyards created by blowing up the steep slopes along the Moselle River in the mid-19th century was likened to the bombardment of the Batterie. Since 2009, Gernot Colmann, who until 2003 was head brewer at the Van Volkssen Brewery in Saar, has been in charge of management and brewing. Most of the nine hectares of vineyards are classified as Grand Crus according to the 1868 Prussian government classification map. The steep vineyards have many old, self-rooted trees that are over 80 years old. The grapes from the harvest are vinified in stone cellars supported by basalt pillars beneath the 9th-century brewery. Fermented exclusively with wild yeasts, with no additives other than sulfites, this is a stunning Riesling.