VdF - Deux Couleurs : Orange 2021 Yannick Meckert


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France Alsace

Grape varieties: Traminer 50%, Gewurztraminer 50%

The name of the cuvée comes from the movie "Trois couleurs: Bleu" produced by Krzysztof Kieślowski. The texture is tannic and slightly dry. You can feel volatile acid and rich fruit flavor.

2020 is the first vintage. Born to a mother from Burgundy and a father from Alsace, she grew up in two regions. After studying viticulture and brewing in Beaune and Montpellier, he once aspired to make wine at a small domaine run by his parents, but realized that using herbicides was impossible for him, so he carried a backpack around the world. He toured the wine-producing regions of Japan and laid the foundations of his own wine-making under the supervision of producers whom he called “masters.” At the same time, he also gained experience as a sommelier. Yannick, who met many natural wine makers and gained the courage to aim for "different wine making", which is different from the conservative wine making in the village where he was born and raised, returned to his hometown of Alsace and set up his own winery in Rosheim. I started making wine. Although it is not certified, it practices biologic farming and is bottled without the addition of sulfites. I wanted people to drink wine without any preconceived notions, so I decided not to write the production area in the etiquette and put the wine in a Burgundy bottle. Purchased a field of about 2 ha in Alsace. Practicing biologic cultivation. In addition, in order to reinforce the economic aspect, we also make wine as a negociant with grapes from the fields that our friend Jeanne takes care of in biodynamics. The vinification is influenced by Jules Chauvet, with whole-bunch fermentation and robust extraction.

Soil: Clay Limestone Age: 1990 Planting location: Elevation 200m
Maceration for 7-18 days. Aged in barriques, foudres and amphoras.