Dom Perignon 2002


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french champagne

Grape variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Dom Pérignon has a vintage obsession, with only the highest quality grapes harvested in a single year. Dom Pérignon deciphers the characteristics of each harvest year and finds new value in each vintage. If the quality of the grapes harvested does not meet Dom Pérignon standards, the vintage will not be announced.
After a minimum of eight years of aging in underground cellars, Dom Pérignon achieves perfect balance. This is Dom Pérignon, a perfect harmony.


When you put it in your mouth, the comfort spreads instantly, and the texture is dense yet creamy. The fruit dominated tongue is energetic and warm, gradually gaining depth. The whole expression has a vivid strength, with just a hint of bitterness that subtly but stylishly accentuates their character.


Aromas of fresh almonds and grains quickly give way to candied lemons and dried fruits. It is followed by nuances of smoke and toast.

2002 harvest

A warm, dry spring, with no particularly severe frosts, provided almost perfect conditions for flowering. Summers were often sunny with occasional periods of rain and cloudy weather. An unexpected sunny day before harvest was just ideal, almost ignoring the rainfall of late August and early September. The 'sanitary' conditions of the grapes are excellent, and the tightly packed bunches ensure the highest level of maturity. Harvest began between 12th and 28th September depending on location.