DOMA 2020 Naboso


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Slovakia Southern Slovakia

Grape varieties: 50% Welschriesling, 20% Grüner Veltliner, 20% Gewurztraminer, 10% Silvaner

Apricot, loquat seeds, a slightly woody scent with a taste of boiled black tea, a slightly spicy cardamom and a faint freesia scent. The acidity is smooth and integrated, soft and calming, mineral and long-lasting.

Uses grapes from 40 to 50 year old fields (sand, granite) facing southeast. Harvested by hand. After sorting, 80% destemmed, 20% whole bunches, skinfermented for 2 weeks in 500L to 750L open tanks. After pressing, it is transferred to acacia barrels and wooden barrels and aged for one year in Surrey. After that, it is aged in stainless steel tanks for 9 months to equalize the taste and blend, and is bottled by gravity without filtering.

Nabosso is a small winery founded in Slovakia by Slovak Andrei and German Nadia (wife). After working as a restaurant owner for 10 years, André turned to winemaking. Worked at several wineries to learn natural winemaking. My wife Nadia met natural wine when she lived in England in 2012, trained at a winery in Burgenland, then worked at a wine importer in Copenhagen, moved to Slovakia with Andrei, and built the current winery.