IGP Coteaux du Pont du Gard - C 2021 Les Vignerons d'Estezargues(Les Galets)


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France Languedoc

Grape variety: 50% Grenache, 50% Carignan

The name Galets refers to the fact that it is grown on gravel soils located around appellation-certified terroirs. A fresh wine with an impression of black fruits such as blackberries, with immediate fruit and harmonious taste. Harvested when fully ripe, the wine has an impression of licorice, pepper and cinnamon.

Les Vignerons d'Estezargues Cooperative Society of Estezargues

The cooperative in the village of Estézargues, southwest of Avignon, in the south of France, consists of 10 growers. Each farmer has cultivated grapes using biologic or conventional farming methods, but from 2021VT, all wines of the cooperative will be biologic certified. Only sulfites are added at the time of bottling, and there are many wines that are not filtered, which is rare for a winery of this scale. Jean-François Nick (now Fleur Rouge), the former head brewer, established this brewing method on this scale. In the 1980s and 1990s, at the dawn of Van Nature, it captured the hearts of many people and is still loved by many people throughout France. Jean-François' successor, Denis Duchamp, is also endowed with the ability, and the total cultivation area is 569 ha, and the average annual production is 1.6 million, which is stable every year. On the contrary, the remarkably pure taste, despite the sheer everyday price, gets better every year.
Each grower entrusts the winemaking to Denis and calls himself a domaine, such as Domaine de la Montagnette or Domaine de la Perrière. On the other hand, Plain Sud and Cuvée des Galles are standard wines made by blending grapes from multiple producers.